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@mik3anthony And I did a little segment on @tony_rock new show on @alldefdigital check it out soon!


I love dormtainment they’re actually one of the few internet famous black folks that don’t turn us into a minstrel show or eat white ass support people like that

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So um yeah I love wearethetay & here’s one of the reasons why


Dirty Girl - The Six Ep.3

Yo. This is trife.

Especially since Rome (the guy in it) told me this is based off of a true story.  Ay don’t tell him I told ya’ll.

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I know where Cam from dormtainment got his smile from! Fresh prince the witness protection episode!


The Six: Episode 2

Cam goes Pescatarian


😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 loving-cmilli

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Makeup Transformation