life is what you make it
Shake that ass on the internet.


large amount of melanin x furrowed large brow x non prescription, unnecessarily large glasses x a large camera

Squint ya eyes. Look away from the camera, the camera, yeeaaahhh


Squininnnnttt yourrrr eyessssss. Loooookkkk awaaayyyy. Squinchinnnnnggg my eyesssss. Loooookkk awaaayyy. 

I’m looking awayyy, he’s looking awayyy.

Music mode.

My ish

Old friends from Florida were in town and we had a game night. It was really fun because I won most of the games and if anyone says otherwise that’s Bullshit! Let’s ride lol @t0ni_montanna @rocdotz @tythehbic @mik3anthony

One of the coolest girls I know! I can never take a serious picture lol #ColombianoYeahILoveThat


… and laugh aaaaaah, STOP!


The Six: Episode 5 - POOP NIGHT

superduperhigh asked:
You guys don't get enough credit. Outside of the the fucking amazing "The Six" series, there's so much work that goes into pre & post-video production. I'm learning all this from people & you guys automatically came to mind. To be consistently putting out new videos deserves way more than applauses & props. The work ethic of Dormtainment is insanely great. I can't wait to see what y'all do with a show.



Yes yes y’all, this happened. I SAW @dormtainment Tonight!!! From ATL to the MIA… #myniggasyoumadeit!!! Thanks for the love!!! @dtcmilli thanks for that 2-second shoulder bop/finger point moment we had while I was in line. Thank ALL y’all for bein fine. Y’all really inspire me in my own acting/writing endeavors. Love y’all!!! PS @iromealot u the bae, seriously. That first “I LOVE U ROME!!” Yeah, that was me.