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New Dormtainment Vlog!

Comedy Traphouse episode 2!

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- When niggas chew gum like a cow
- When someone is lying and you know for a fact they lying
- When teachers feel the need to yell
- When bitches throw subs
- When your parents blame shit on you
- When someone eats like pig
- When your sports coach tells you to run extra laps
- When niggas talk shit about your fave celebrity
- When someone says something REALLY gay and they don’t see anything wrong with it
- When someone is acting dumb and you just KNOW the lord is testing you

SOOOOOOO many more I can’t think of right now


Headed out for the homie @dtcmilli birthday. And Tay is taking the picture before you ask. LA what’s up tonight?

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That boy look like he smell good #mikedamnselfie


Many people underestimate the power of laughter. Laughter can wipe away tears, ease pain, lessen stress, and make you feel refreshed. When I tell you no one makes me laugh more than @Dormtainment that is coming from deep within the heart @DTCMilli is 1/6 of the blessing that is Dormtainment. They’re changing the entertainment industry, one laugh at a time. Today Cameron B. Miller is blessed with another year of life and I pray that he is blessed with many many more. Continue to make a difference because Lord knows you’ve made a difference in mine. Happy Birthday 🎊🎉🎁😘😜🎊🎉🎁💙
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Myself and @cdiddy77 at YouTube Nation. #Dormtainment #TooDamn #ComedyTrapHouse

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TekYah Gal Tech - @Dormtainment

Just another Saturday. We workin.

It’s gonna be a long day but at least it’s a nice day.